An Instant Eye-Lift Without Surgery Or Fillers. Here's how:

Emily T.

Jun 11, 2021

The Story Behind How I Discovered The Beauty Industry's Best-Kept Secret

"Are you okay?"

"You look tired."

A phrase I used to hear constantly from my friends, family, even coworkers. 

As a happy, healthy 29-year-old, I couldn't stand hearing another question like that.

Because no, I wasn't tired.

But my eyes were telling a different story.

I'd describe my eyes as saggy, tired - even hooded.

I noticed my droopy, tired-looking eyelids back when I was a teenager. 

They would always cast a shadow under my eyes, making me look fatigued, and whenever I smiled, my eyes would almost get lost in the excess skin. 

As any perfection-seeking teenager would, I stopped smiling my honest smile and began using copious amounts of makeup, trying to look less tired.

Frankly, I couldn't wait to go under the knife to fix my hooded eyelids, but I just didn't have the courage (and money).

One day, I was out at a club, celebrating my girlfriend's 30th birthday.

She looked amazing, and I couldn't stop comparing myself to her, a few years younger but looking much older and worn out. 

I remember going into the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror, and stretching my eyelids with my fingers to see a fresher reflection.

A woman at a neighboring sink saw me and cautiously started a conversation.

It turned out, she had been struggling with droopy eyelids all her life too.

But that night, she looked spectacular!

I couldn't notice the hooded eyelids at all!

She took these two tiny invisible strips from her purse - Contours RX Lids By Design and gave them to me. 

"These will change your life.", - she said. 

And she was 100% correct.

This gives you an instant eye lift.

If you've never heard of Contours RX it is the perfect solution that instantly fixes your sagging lids so you look less tired and more youthful.

It lifts the skin giving you more defined eyelids and a fresh, attractive look!

"LIDS BY DESIGN provides an instant transformation by lifting the excess skin, making me look younger, more beautiful and much happier."

I was quite skeptical at first but my attitude turned 360 when I saw the effect these tiny strips had on my appearance. 

To be fair, I just couldn't believe it!

Applied in just a few seconds, LIDS BY DESIGN worked wonders on my face.

The strips are easily applied to your eyelids and create a beautiful, natural crease, for bigger, bolder eyes.

Even though I ordered them with no expectations whatsoever, they have since become the staple in my beauty routine.

Best part?

No need for expensive treatments, needles, or going under the knife!

LIDS BY DESIGN correctional strips provide an instant facelift of your choice - from a moderate everyday look to a more dramatic one for special occasions.

I've ordered a few for my friends, and it worked for everyone - any skin tone, any eyelid situation.

Why I love Lids By Design

Medical Grade:

LIDS BY DESIGN was created by medical experts and therefore doesn't pose the risk of allergic reactions or skin irritations. The strips are latex-free and hypoallergenic - perfect for my sensitive skin.

Easy To Apply

I am not very good with makeup and struggle to maintain the symmetry on my face, but LIDS BY DESIGN is very easy to apply and take off, even for me.

Immediate Results

As someone who was almost ready to go under the knife, I couldn't be happier to have found a solution that doesn't require any recovery time and can help achieve the desired look so fast.


I love the fact that I didn't need to face any risks posed by surgery or fillers and am very happy to be using the product that is a safe everyday solution to droopy eyelids.

Final Thoughts

If you have droopy, tired eyes and are looking for a natural alternative to give you that oomph, you need to try Contours Rx’s LIDS BY DESIGN.

This is the safest, easiest way to achieve lifted, bold eyes.

It is a great solution for any age and any skin tone and the results are immediate.

I wear them every day as part of my daily routine. 

I feel more confident and secure about myself and my looks. 

I didn’t think I would ever feel this way again.

For anyone looking to get in on this amazing beauty secret, I’ll include the link below. 

The first time I tried to order, they were all sold out. 

So if I were you, I’d probably stock up! You really can’t have too many since you will probably end up wearing them every day too!


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