About Us


At Varène Beauty, we aim to provide the absolute best for you and your body! Our mission is to encourage all women to feel great about themselves.

Join our #VareneBeauty family of  more than 24.000 members across the globe and become part of a community where insecurity and self-doubt have no place!

We help people transform their lives. Our Varène Beauty™ Ultrasonic Device utilizes a breakthrough technology of ultrasound cavitation which safely & effectively breaks down fat deposits in your body, making you not only healthier and leaner but a lot more confident as well!



At Varène Beauty, we don't just sell products to our customers. We sell stories.

Stories which they tell their friends. Stories which prove that everything is possible! Regardless of whether it was wrinkle reduction, tighter skin or a 50 lbs weight loss they were looking for in the beginning, all of that became a reality beacuse they've set their mind to success and sticked to the goal.

And what is your story?