As we age: Issues women often deal with

aging women issues

Many would argue that age is just a number. Definitely, it is. But the most important one. Women tend to face the challenges posed by this number at an earlier stage as compared to men. You can feel young even when you are maturing, but there are certain changes that aren’t controllable. They are natural, and it is important that you should know about them well ahead of time so that you can plan and adjust yourself accordingly.

In order to present an overview of these changes and the impact that these changes can leave on you, we are highlighting some of the issues in this article. Highlighting these issues is not meant to scare you off, but the only purpose is to provide you a signal that you are going to face it in the future, so you must prepare for it.

Impact of age on Facial Skin

As you would age, a clear impact would be seen on your face. Fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and dearth of the volume are amongst some of the symptoms that your face would start showing once you enter your thirties. Changing from glowing skin to a dull complexion, higher skin elasticity to a lower one and the appearance of fine lines can shatter away all your beauty. At that time, it is you who is going to decide if you really want to let the age derive away all your confidence, or are you going to take some remedial measures. You can’t expect to go by the same old products to keep yourself fresh. You’ll have to modify your beauty kit to suit your aging skin.

Don’t be disheartened by these changes. Women face a lot in their lives, and such changes cannot lower their motivation level. There is a solution to this issue; it is not the ultimate solution but definitely the best amongst the available ones. The choice of the right facial products can delay the signs of aging on your skin. Similarly, some products can also help in reducing the visible impact even if the signs are visible. So, as soon as you reach your 30s, start using the products that are right for your skin, and you’ll be able to keep yourself young as before for a decade more.

Impact of age on body shape

Aging influences the body shape, especially in women; probably you would have noticed that in other women around you.  You won’t be as good as you were in your late teens and twenties. But in the late thirties, you’ll feel the actual difference when your metabolism and some of the important processes would slow down.

Additionally, the distribution of fat changes in the body, which makes the body look different. This difference can often be seen in terms of obesity. Similarly, the reduction so muscle mass also makes you different. According to some experts, a 1% decrease in muscle mass is common after 30 years of age. With age, it keeps on lowering, impacting your beautiful skin and your body shape.

All such changes on your body shape can impact your self-esteem, especially if you would handle them a problem created out of the blue. But you need to keep up your self-confidence for your kids, your husband, and most importantly for yourself.

You have the tendency to reduce the impact of age on your body by having the right amount of supplements. Additionally, physical activity can also help you in increasing your metabolism and maintaining your body shape. You can switch to these options early in life to make sure that the negative impact of age would hit you in the lowest possible way.

Impact of age on strength and fitness level

With the changes in your body, an impact can also be seen on the strength and fitness level. The tasks that were easier for you earlier would not be the same once you’ll age. You’ll need to give yourself more rest, eat proportionate quantities, and take you mineral supplements to sustain.

Although you’ll have to bear with the changed routine, not every change is bad. Once you’ll adapt to a few healthy habits, you’ll be able to face the world with the same strength that you had in your early years. Isn’t it great?


The impact of age is real. There are numerous aspects that would demand sacrifices from you. But at the same time, you have the options to nullify the negative impact of certain issues in your life. Age is one such aspect that you cannot control fully but definitely optimize your routine to delay its impact. It is you, who has been driving your life up till now, so why would you let age drive you at this stage of life? Keep this aging impact in mind and plan for your future now.